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Throughout my involvement with Cowboy Poets of Idaho I personally have had several outspoken
supporters, or rather supporters of what I am trying to accomplish, and contribute to this wonderful
organization and family we call Cowboy Poets of Idaho.

From the beginnings with then President Bobbie Hunter and Vice President Corean Romriell asking
me to simply create a website, to now, where we now not only have a fully functional website which
in time will house archives to past events, photos, and general history of CPI (always in progress), a
large library of over 1200 videos (and many, many more to come) on our own YouTube channel, to a
busy Facebook page which is constantly growing (to date 953 followers).

To me personally, this is a labor of love, sometimes it's daunting, sometimes it's a thrill, but never is it a
burden. Without the many folks participating in any of the mentioned outlets, I wouldn't be doing it, so
it's all of you, the members, fans, and supporters that keep all of this rolling...

On the eve of the "Big One" for CPI (St. Anthony Gathering) I feel it's appropriate to finally dedicate the
website to a couple of gentlemen that have always supported everything I have done, and have never
been afraid to vocally support all of these efforts. These two Cowboys being Wayne Nelson and Sam

Wayne and Sam have always been extremely supportive in everything I am trying to do. They were
among the first to recognize the power of social media and the internet as a whole and what good things
it could do for CPI. Whether it be arguing in Board Meetings on my behalf, spreading the word online, in
communities, or just a firm handshake, pat on the back, or a hug on the rare occasion we get to see
each other in person..... They, among many of you, have taken myself and my wife into your family with
open arms and that is extremely appreciated.

I will forever miss Wayne and his smile, his encouraging words not only to me, but anyone he spoke to.
Wayne was truly a giant of a man. I will always be indebted to both of these men for everything they
have done, or tried to do for me, to make all of this happen, and I can only hope that I can continue to
honor them with my work with and for the CPI.

So on this 11th Day of April, in the year of 2016, I Lewis A Kanirie IV, webmaster and "social media guy"
for Cowboy Poets of Idaho hereby dedicate this body of work known as the Cowboy Poets of Idaho
official website to "Snake River" Wayne Nelson, and Sam Mattise.